Freehold Township School District

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Central Office Directory

Central Office/Educational Services/Curriculum & Instruction
Neal Dickstein Superintendent  8807
Cynthia Giannotto Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent 8807
Robyn Klim Director of Educational Services
Marialena Lelli-Winter Supervisor of Educational Services 8846
Danielle Wright Secretary to the Director of Educational Services 8827
Lynette Bresnahan Secretary, Child Study Team 8829
Jennifer Matthies Secretary, Child Study Team 8810
Curriculum and Instruction
Rebecca Montgomery Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 8811
Amy Graf Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent  8811
Bonnie Hohenshilt
Supervisor of Mathematics and Science 8823
Christine McKim Supervisor of Language Arts 8824
Human Resources/Technology
Dr. Dianne Brethauer Assistant Superintendent 8808
Traci Ambrose Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent 8808
Margaret Caiozza Human Resources Coordinator 8814
Lori Simonelli Human Resources Specialist 8812
Joseph Visicaro
Manager of Information Systems 8193
Andrew Petersel Assistant Manager of Information Systems 8888
Laurel O'Brien Technology Secretary  8200
Kristy Patmore District Data Specialist 8195
Clint Costa Computer Technician 8191
Justin Horton Computer Technician 8196
Jose Langer Computer Technician 8194
Business Office
Robert DeVita Business Administrator 8809
Alyson Williams Assistant Business Administrator 8806
Alexandra McKee Benefits Coordinator/Administrative Assistant to the Business Administrator 8809
Terri Angello Payables Accountant 8821
Patricia Parlow General Ledger Accountant 8815
Christine Tashian Payroll Accountant 8822
Property Services
Robert Lykes Educational Facilities Manager 8908
Ed Bagnell Assistant Educational Facilities Manager 8903
Julianne Etlinger Secretary to the Educational Facilities Manager 8901
Angelina Casaletto Transportation Coordinator 8907
Maria Pira Secretary, Transportation 8902
Pat Yaeger Dispatcher, Transportation 8900
Sodexo Food Services
Rocio Ruiz-Johnson Sodexo Food Service Director 8870
Laurie Szyarto Sodexo Food Service Assistant 8871