Welcome to our Parent Resource Page! 

Start below with some FAQ's and the use the links to the right to access more information!



YOU WOULD LIKE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR HEALTH SERVICES & FORMS: Access our Health Office Forms & Information page in the menu to the right to learn about important medical information and to access health related forms.
YOU WANT TO FIND OUT ABOUT WEATHER RELATED OR EMERGENCY CLOSINGS OR DELAYED OPENINGS: Click here to access information about weather related issues.


YOUR CHILD IS ABSENT: If your child is absent from school for any reason, please contact your school’s Attendance Hotline before the beginning of the school day. The school will contact the parents of all students who are absent and have not called. This is for the safety of your child. Click this link for information on the attendance policy and a standard form you may use to submit following an absence.


A STUDENT BECOMES ILL AT SCHOOL: If it is necessary to send a child home, you will be notified and asked to provide transportation. You must provide the school with two alternative telephone numbers for use if the school is unable to reach you. If, during the school year, any information provided on your child’s emergency card changes, please notify the school nurse immediately.


A LUNCH IS LEFT AT HOME: Deliver to the school office. 


YOU NEED TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH PROGRAM:   If needed and you meet the state requirements, you may be eligible for the free or reduced lunch program by submitting the appropriate application.  Click on the "School Lunch and Nutritional Information" link on the right for the application. 
Check the Sodexo My Way website for information about our partnership with Sodexo. 
YOU WANT A MESSAGE DELIVERED: In the case of an emergency, give the message to the building principal or secretary.


YOUR CHILD LOSES SOMETHING: Call the school office and report the loss. The article will be traced from this point, and you will be notified if it is found.
YOUR CHILD DOES NOT RETURN HOME AFTER SCHOOL: Call the child’s school or the board office and you will be given further assistance.
YOU CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER: Please advise your school office(s) immediately.

YOU PLAN TO MOVE: Please give the school office(s) the information needed to prepare a transfer including your new address and the last day your child will be in school. Transfers and a copy of the immunization record must be picked up at the school office on the last day of attendance. If moving within the state of New Jersey, the original records will be forwarded to the new school upon receipt of a written request. If moving out of state, copies will be forwarded upon receipt of a written request.

YOU PLAN TO BE OUT OF THE AREA: If you plan to leave your child in the care of others, please inform the school nurse in writing. Also, please consider leaving a notarized medical delegation for the caregivers in the event your child requires emergency medical care.

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S CLASSROOM WORK AND SCHOOL LIFE ARISE: We suggest you follow these steps: (1) discuss your questions with your child’s teacher or appropriate staff member. If you still need more information, then (2) talk the matter over with the building principal. If you still have questions, then (3) call the district administrative offices and explain your problem. You will be directed to the appropriate individual. Should the problem still not be resolved, then (4) ask to speak with the superintendent of schools. If you still have questions, then (5) present them to the board of education by letter or at a public meeting of the board. Please click on the following link to learn about the Kindergarten through Fifth grades FTS Standards based report cards. 


YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH A STAFF MEMBER: Dial the school’s main telephone number and either (1.) Press 0 to speak with the secretary and she will connect you with the teaching staff member’s voicemail or (2.) Press 9 to access the staff directory and follow the directions.

Working with the district’s staff keeps us better informed and provides you with the information you need. Starting with the classroom teacher will usually answer your questions in the quickest way.