Freehold Township Board of Education

Transportation Department


For inquiries to the Transportation Department for students in Pre-K - 8th Grade, 

please call (732) 866-6810 ext.8902 


If you have inquiries for the Transportation Department for the

Freehold Regional High School District, please call them directly at (732) 431-8368.


Angie Casaletto

Transportation Coordinator

(732) 866-6810 ext.8902


Angela Russo

Asst. Transportation Coordinator

(732) 866-6810 ext.8900


The Freehold Township School District shall provide transportation for all children residing in the district according to Freehold Township School District Transportation Policy.


If your child has a temporary disability and needs temporary transportation, please contact your child's principal.


Bus Delays:


Please be sure to check the district website page "Bus Delays" for any road detours, bus delays or any bus changes. Last-minute changes happen often and are usually unpredictable. We will also do our best to contact all of the parents/guardians who will need to know this information.


Transportation Goals:


Our primary goal is to provide a safe and efficient trip to and from school on a daily basis. In order to ensure efficiency and safety, each student must be at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes before scheduled pick up. As in the past, times are subject to change.


Transportation Eligibility:


Safety and eligibility are two of the factors that impact pupil transportation decisions. NJ Statute 18A:25-2 states that the “driver shall be in charge of the school bus at all times and shall be responsible for order”. The driver shall never exclude a pupil from the bus, but if unable to manage any pupil, shall report the unmanageable pupil to the principal of the school that they attend. A pupil may be excused from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the Principal and the student’s parent/guardian shall provide for their transportation to and from the school during the period of such exclusion.


If you are requesting an additional bus stop due to a child custody agreement, please contact the Transportation Department.


Transportation Waiver:


If you would like to waive transportation for your child(ren) to and from school, please fill out this form and send it to your child's school. This will remove your child's access to the assigned bus. If, at any time, you need to reinstate transportation for your child(ren), please fill out this form and send it to your child's school. You will be notified as soon as possible that bussing is available. There is no payment for opting out of student transportation.


This does not pertain to extra-curricular activities or school trips.


For more information, please refer to Policy 8163.


Bus Stop Information:


Bus stops are placed at corners. Exceptions may be made with regard to location of and distances between assigned bus stops. Bus stops are determined based on specific criteria and influenced by certain factors. 


Examples of the criteria are:

  • Age of students 
  • Special needs of students, which also may determine the type of route


Some of the factors that influence assigned bus stops are:

  • Location of home: A development would have corner stops while a state highway would necessitate a house stop
  • Speed limits
  • Presence of sidewalks
  • Condition of roadways
  • Availability of crossing guards
  • Isolation or remoteness of the student's residence 


Calls concerning bus routes, stops, timing, etc., should be directed to the Transportation Coordinator. 


Bus Stop Safety Reminders


For Students:

  • Stay back at least 10 feet from the road while waiting for the bus. Do not play games or run around at the bus stop.
  • When you see the bus coming, form a line—do not rush to the roadway or push others to try to be the first on the bus.
  • If you must cross in front of the bus, look at the driver for directions and cross in front of the crossing gate arm.
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • Do not try to pick up something dropped near the bus—the bus driver may not see you. Ask the driver first.
  • Have respect for others’ property at the bus stop and on the bus.
  • No eating on the bus.
  • Always remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened.
  • Do not distract the driver.


For Parents/Guardians:

  • We strongly recommend that younger students be supervised at the bus stop (coming and going) by a parent or other trusted adult.
  • Do not crowd the bus stop with personal vehicles. This poses a danger by obstructing traffic and blocking drivers’ views.
  • Park all cars legally - 25 feet back from the intersection. 
  • Do not park in the wrong direction.
  • Do not block the location where the bus stops. 
  • Do not block the driveways of the property owners at the stop. 
  • Do not block walkways or mailboxes.
  • Have students in an orderly straight line as the bus approaches.
  • Have the students respect the homeowner’s property at the bus stop.
  • Look carefully before allowing students to exit your vehicle at the bus stop.
  • Do not pull your vehicle directly behind a bus and release students to run alongside the bus.
  • Do not “chase” the bus from one stop to another. If your student misses the bus, please take your student directly to school.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for having their students at the bus stop on time. We strongly recommend that all students be at the assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival.
  • Students should not be waiting in their home, garage, or on their porch. Students should be waiting at their assigned stop, visible to the driver.
  • Check your student’s clothing to make sure it is safe – long, dangling drawstrings and straps; long scarves; loose clothing; and oversized backpacks may pose a safety hazard.
  • We recommend that parents are at the bus stop to receive younger students in the afternoon.
  • Parents should have noted in Genesis any person(s) permitted to receive their student at the end of the school day. A note should be provided to the student’s school and the school will then forward the note to the transportation department.
  • Students, who are regularly met by parents/guardians at the end of the day, will be returned to school if no one is at the bus stop to receive them.
  • Parents are asked to review the safety guidelines with their students so they will have a clear understanding of what the expectations are when they are being transported to and from school. Parents will be responsible for any damage to school buses caused by their student.

Policy 8600 - Pupil Transportation

Regulation 8600 - Pupil Transportation


Policy 8600.1 - Transportation Walking

Regulation 8600.1 - Transportation Walking


Policy 8630 - Bus Driver/Bus Aide Responsibility


Policy 8635 - Pupil Transportation Vehicles and School Buses


Policy 8670 - Transportation of Disabled Pupils


Policy 8690 - Monitoring Devices on School Vehicles


Policy 8613 - Waiver of Pupil Transportation